This image as a 75x50cm photographic print on archival paper, with burnt edges, appeared in the 'Fire' exhibition
Wednesday 6 June – Sunday 1 July 2018 at the Creative Space in North Curl Curl​​​​​​​
with the following description

Dry sclerophyll forests are adapted to fire, but perhaps not to their current frequency and ferocity. The increase in fires is traceable to us: directly because of carelessly lit campfires - or even arson; and indirectly because of the effect of Climate Change altering temperature and rain patterns. 
The flame-shaped appearance of the burnt trees in this image is captured in-camera, not created by subsequent digital manipulation. With the destructive nature of uncontrolled fire in my mind’s eye as a reminder of the fragility of life, I have burnt the edges of the picture and it is displayed as paper pinned to the wall rather than formally mounted. I want to capture the aesthetics of burnt bush: the duality of appealing to the eye but then evoking a deeper sinister fear in the heart. 
We need to ask ourselves: What are we doing to earth’s environment?........ 

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