This series of Moon photographs, shown below, was made on Sydney's Northern Beaches during the Covid restrictions of 2021.
The series title, "How High the Moon", refers to the song made famous by Les Paul, a musician who inspires us to deal creatively with adversity. After 18 months of rehabilitation following a serious car accident and with ongoing disabilities, he said ”The long recovery period was quite a challenge, and also a blessing because it gave me a chance to think, and read, and plan, and dream." That process resulted in his invention of the electric guitar and multitrack recording, with an enduring impact on modern music. 
To hear "How High the Moon" Click on Spotify or YouTube .​​​​​​​
Being artistically creative during the adversity of the past 2 years is a privilege, which needs to be accompanied by creative thinking and generosity about what we can do, individually and collectively, to prevent Covid in economically poor countries, and reduce the world's growing inequity.

click on  'Perception' for another photographic response to the Pandemic

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