My motivation to create the images and how they were made is described below, together with information about the exhibition.

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About the HeadOn 2020 Vision exhibition
Head On Foundation invited NSW photographers to submit images that show how they and their communities rose to the challenges of 2020, encouraging reflection on recovery, resilience and rebuilding and hopes for the future in response to the fires, floods, and Pandemic. Forty images were selected for a photo book, of which 20 will be exhibited as prints and 20, including the 'Perception' image above, as part of a screen projection at the exhibition.
- To see the exhibition, check details of closing date and opening hours at:   theshac.com.au/contact

About the 'Perception' images
At the start of Covid restrictions, we felt locked in, as if looking at the world through barbed wire. In Australia, with relatively good control of Covid, our perceptions have changed and, from the shelter of our homes, we have been able to enjoy the luminous dance of little wings from the whispered flutter of insects in night-time lamplight. 
These images of flying insects are created in camera using slow shutter speeds, rather than by digital manipulation, except for the 2nd image in the series, which includes a horizontally flipped negative of the photograph.

"Happy are they who see beautiful things in humble places 
where other people see nothing"
Camille Pissarro 

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