‘Rising Up’ refers to both the tall eucalypt trunks, captured with camera movement rather than subsequent image manipulation and, in most images, the leaf regrowth around the trunks after severe bush fires. Whereas other species,  particularly in rainforests, are more vulnerable, even the fire-adaptive eucalypt forests might not adapt to the intense ferocity of recent fires traceable to climate change.

The image  above is also on exhibition as part of the Australian Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition at the South Australian Museum from Saturday 27 August until Sunday 30 October 2022, and at the Australian Museum in Sydney from Saturday 17 September until Sunday 11 December 2022.  See: https://www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/c/npoty/exhibition
The above image and the 10 images below will also be part of Les's major solo exhibition in Sydney in November and December. Details will be posted on this website, but if you wish to receive an email reminder, please email les@irwig.com 

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