In Sydney, Ospreys (fishing hawks) build nests on floodlights 15 metres above sports fields. A symbol of hope for conservation, their numbers are increasing, in part due to their ability to adapt to urban environments.
Hope is the thing with feathers
 That perches in the soul              
                            Emily Dickinson

Moon Moods of Urban Ospreys
The series ‘Moon Moods of Urban Ospreys’ was made at afternoon moonrise and morning moonset. Often the moon was covered by cloud, or the ospreys were not at their nests.Aligning the ospreys and the moon in just the right position, with enough moonlight and some daylight to discern the details, took many visits over months of the nesting season. Sometimes, I would arrive in the evening to find a game in play and the floodlights on, but the ospreys seemed unperturbed. Note the moon as we see it Down Under is the inverse of how it is seen in the northern hemisphere.
The Day of the Urban Osprey
- from nesting to fledgelings -

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