Les Irwig and Tom Weir's short 'Skate, jump and slide' description of water striders
with accompanying photographs
is freely available  on the  Australian Geographic website
Les Irwig and Tom Weir's comprehensive 'Surface tension' article about water striders
Ecology, behaviours, life stages and water patterns, illustrated by photographs.
Winter 2018 edition of Wildlife Australia Magazine  entitled 'Evolve'
with one of Les's water strider pictures on the cover.
For digital copy:
For print copy:
http://wildlife.org.au/magazines/ (select winter 2018 edition)

A few additional photographs are shown below:
- the first two images show an adult water strider
- the third image shows a winged adult, about 1 cm long [right] and a smaller nymph [immature] left
- the last 3 images show nymphs, no more than a few mm long

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